The effects of temperature change on prey suppression by natural predators

Tuesday, June 15 at 03:15pm (PDT)
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Nusrat Tabassum

Texas Tech University
"The effects of temperature change on prey suppression by natural predators"
The sustainability of an ecosystem is determined by the relationship between predators and prey. The factors that play an important role in this context are temperature, body mass, foraging area, intraspecific competition and intraguild predation, all of which impact a predator's functional response. In the context of global warming, changing temperature could play a key role in changing prey suppression. Depending on the temperature, prey and predator can become active or inactive and temperature can affect other behaviors such as eating habit, foraging area, body growth etc. We use a dynamic model to describe prey suppression. We illustrate how predator behaviors would change with temperature at different times in a day or when average temperature increases.

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Virtual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology, 2021.