Numerical study of blood flow through catheterized artery

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Shama Javeed

Pusan National university
"Numerical study of blood flow through catheterized artery"
AbstractThe evolution of coronary balloon angioplasty has increased the use of various sizes catheters in the arteries during the recent years. In the present study, pulsatile blood flow through catheterized artery is analyzed by the flow modelling of two immiscible fluids. The fluid flow in the primary region is treated as non-Newtonian power law fluid while, the fluid flow in peripheral region is categorized as Newtonian fluid. The catheter inside the vessel is treated as rigid body of small radius. The resulting system of differential equations that represents the velocity profiles of the respective fluids are solved numerically by finite difference method. Additionally, the results of velocity profiles with different physical quantities are analyzed for the purposes of a comprehensive summary of blood flow through catheterized artery.

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Virtual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology, 2021.