Evolutionary Game Theory under Uncertainty

Tuesday, June 15 at 02:15am (PDT)
Tuesday, June 15 at 10:15am (BST)
Tuesday, June 15 06:15pm (KST)

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Hong Duong (University of Birmingham, UK), The Anh Han (Teesside University, UK)


Over the last fifty years, evolutionary game theory has become a powerful and versatile mathematical framework for the modelling, analysis and computation/simulation of complex biological, economic and social systems whenever there is frequency dependent selection. Environmental conditions are often subject to rapid and frequent fluctuations. Therefore, in many practical applications, one can neither obtain full information about the systems nor describe the payoffs of their inhabitants’ interactions. It is thus of vital importance to take into account randomness/uncertainty into the systems’ modelling. The randomness/uncertainty often poses significant challenges compared to deterministic models demanding for the development of new methodology and techniques which often involve stochastic processes on complex systems. This direction of research has seen a tremendous activity in the last two decades. The aim of this mini-symposium is to discuss recent developments in evolutionary game theory where uncertainty plays a crucial role. It will bring together a diverse list of speakers, including young and female scientists, from different fields of research including biological sciences, computer sciences, economics and mathematics to address the difficult challenges that are currently presented in these fields. Thus, this mini-symposium will boost the interactions and collaborations between researchers from different fields.

Hye Jin Park

(Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Korea)
"Extinction dynamics from meta-stable coexistences in an evolutionary game"
Abstract to be determined. Please check back later.

Jorge Peña

(Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, France)
"Evolutionary dynamics of discrete public goods under threshold uncertainty"
Abstract to be determined. Please check back later.

Isamu Okada

(Soka University, Japan)
"Social dilemma, scoring dilemma, and punishment dilemma in indirect reciprocity"
Abstract to be determined. Please check back later.

Marco A. Javarone

(University College London, UK)
"Cooperative behaviours and sources of noise"
Abstract to be determined. Please check back later.

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